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FFVIII Boy & Girl Their Story Quotes
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What the Others Say

Irvine: "Ahh, this is good. This is very good!"

Squall: "What?"

Irvine: "See this bruise here? I had to put up with Rinoa's kicks and punches for you. So, seeing you two like this makes it all worth it."

. . .

Zell: "Oh...... Sorry."

Squall: "About what?"

Zell: "I'm sure you want to be alone with her... So Squall... I never thought you were the roma... Ah, you know..."

. . .

Selphie: "Hmm, I don't get it."

Squall: "Get what?"

Selphie: "I never imagined you two would end up together. I mean... You guys are complete opposites. So I didn't think Rinoa's straight-forward approach would work. I'm glad I was wrong!"

. . .

Quistis: "Rinoa forces herself into your world, no matter how many walls you put around yourself, Squall. I knew I couldn't compete with her. The only issue was whether you would make a place for her... And you did, pretty quickly. You've changed, Squall. It's like Rinoa's the only one on your mind. Good thing this wasn't before the exam."

. . .

Quistis: "Squall...... When you jumped out into space, you didn't think about anything else, did you?"

Squall: "That's right."

Quistis: "I wonder if there's anyone who'd do the same thing for me?"

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