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FFVIII Boy & Girl Their Story Quotes
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Squall and Rinoa Quotes

Squall saves Rinoa before the parade

Squall: "Rinoa!!!"

Rinoa: "I was scared...... Really scared."

Squall: "It's over now."

Rinoa: "I was scared... I was really, really scared."

Squall: "You're used to battles, aren't you?"

Rinoa: "I couldn't... I just couldn't. I couldn't fight alone..."

Squall: (...You're not ready for all of this.) "Better get going. I haven't forgot your order. Just stay close to me."

Rinoa tries to convince him to go to the concert

Rinoa: "Come on... Please, for me? There's no point if you don't show up."

Squall: "...Sorry. I just don't feel like it."

Rinoa: "Fine... I guess I'll have to bug you for the rest of the night. And I'm gonna keep chanting 'concert, concert, concert' and drive you nuts. Is that what you want?"

Squall: "...Oh man..."

During the concert at Fishermans Horizon

Squall: "You wanted to talk about something, right? What is it?"

Rinoa: "Umm... well it's about your promotion. Things are gonna get real tough for you, eh?"

Squall: (I don't want to think about it.)

Rinoa: "Squall, I'm sure there'll be a lot of difficult things that you'll have to deal with from now on. We were talking about that, and saying how you'll probably try to handle everything on your own."

Squall: (I probably will.)

Rinoa: "They know you too well. I do, too, although I haven't been around you that long. Y'know, when you start thinking, you tend to frown like this." *makes a face*

Squall: "I'm out of here."

Rinoa: "Oh come on! I'm sorry! But really, we were saying that... well... You can't handle everything on your own." *pushes him*

Squall: !!!

Rinoa: "That's it! Just let out anything! Anything... We want you to talk to us a little more. That's all. Y'know, if there's anything you want to tell us, or anything we can do, don't hesitate to let us know. I know it's not easy but I wish you would trust us and rely on us a little more."

Squall: (Am I that untrusting...? Maybe I'm this way because I'm scared. Nothing lasts in this world. It feels great to have friends who believe in you, and adults you can rely on. That's why it's so dangerous, especially if you become used to it. Someday you're bound to lose everything. Everybody around you will be gone. Then what are you left with? Nothing. Nobody... It's so miserable. And it's inevitable. It's so hard to recover from something like that. I never ever want to deal with that again. I can't even if it means being alone...)

During the concert at Fishermans Horizon

Rinoa: "What a night. Great music... Good-looking guy... Not only is he good-looking. He's the sweetest guy... a great listener. Right now, he's seriously thinking about what I said. He's shy and doesn't say anything, but I know. So, what do you think? None of our business?"

Squall: "I appreciate your concern... But..."

Rinoa: "No 'buts'! Just think about this. This might be the only time we'll all be together. So, as long as we're together, we might as well enjoy each other's company and... just talk, right?"

Squall: "... Just for now, huh? Forget it. I don't want friends who won't be around tomorrow."

Rinoa: "Gosh, you're such a pessimist. There are no guarantees in the future. That's why TODAY, the time we have now, is important. Squall, we wanna help you, as much as we can, for as long as we can. We all love you. There, I said it. Please don't freak out. We just wanna live, y'know, live through this time with you, together."

Squall: "......Together...?"

Rinoa: "Keep it in the back of your mind. Call on us whenever you need to. We'll be waiting. Like I said, who knows what's gonna happen in the future... but I have a feeling we'll be together for a while."

When Selphie's party comes back from Trabia

Rinoa: "Hey Squall, would you have been worried about me, too? Y'know, if I were with them instead?"

Squall: (What? Why is she asking me this? I don't know.) "I... ahhh... I don't know. Umm... maybe... I don't know."

Rinoa: "Oh my gosh! You're turning red!"

Squall: (What...? No I'm not.)

Rinoa: "You're so cute! Taking it seriously!"

Squall: (The heck!? Why is she toying with me?)

At Edea's house, Squall thinks of Rinoa while she's in a coma

Squall: (First time we met was the day I became a SeeD. We met again... in Timber... We had a lot of arguments at first. But in time, things began to change. You were looking at me... You smiled when our eyes met. It made me feel calm, tranquil. Rinoa... Give me another chance.)

Squall thinks some more in Balamb Garden

Squall: (Rinoa... You feel so cold. Are you going to be like this forever?) "...... Isn't there anything I can do!? You were so full of life. Now you don't even make a sound... I want to hear your voice." (This is like talking to a wall.) "Rinoa... Call my name."

On his way to Esthar to save comatose Rinoa

Squall: (I... sure have changed. I wonder what everyone's doing...? They're probably laughing at me. Or maybe they're angry...?) "What do you think? To tell you the truth... I worry too much about what other people think of me. I hate that side of me... That's why I didn't want anyone to get to know me. I wanted to hide that side of myself. I hate it. 'Squall is an unfriendly, introverted guy.' It made it easy for me when people perceived me that way. That's a secret between you and me. Got that? Rinoa..."

Drifting out in space

[Remaining Life Support 0]

Rinoa: (No... I'm... That's it. I'm gonna... I'm gonna... die.)

[Life Support Has Terminated]

Rinoa: (Good bye. Squall...)

Squall: (Rinoa!!! No!!! Don't give up!!!)

Rinoa: (......?)

Squall: (Can you hear me!? It's Squall... Rinoa!!! Rinoa!!! Rinoa, come on! Try to remember! Rinoa, I'm right here with you! Listen to me!)

Rinoa: (I'm... still...... alive? Squall...?)

In the Ragnarok

Squall: "Why are you holding on to me like this?"

Rinoa: "You don't like this, Squall?"

Squall: "Just not used to it."

Rinoa: "How about when you were little? Didn't you feel safe and secure being held by your parents?"

Squall: "I can't remember anything about my parents... But... Ellone was there for me. Ellone was there to hold my hand."

Rinoa: "Made you feel safe and secure?"

Squall: "Sure. But she left. Just disappeared. I'm afraid... Afraid of having that feeling of comfort taken away."

Rinoa: "You were afraid of losing us? Is that why you kept your distance?"

Squall: "I was always alone..."

Rinoa: "Squall... You missed out on all the good things in life. You've missed out on so much."

Squall: "... Maybe."

Rinoa: "Definitely. I like it like this. I liked having my mom hold me. My dad, too, back when we got along."

Squall: "I'm not your mom."

Rinoa: "No, of course not. But now... Squall, you're the one who gives me the most comfort. Comfort and happiness... And annoyance and disappointment, too!"

Squall: "... Whatever."

In the Ragnarok

Rinoa: "We're gonna make it home, right?"

Squall: "We can only hope."

Rinoa: "When we get back... We won't be able to stay together, huh?"

Squall: "...Maybe. No one can predict the future, there are no guarantees. Those were your word, Rinoa."

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