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Family Ties

In Squall's dream sequences, we learn about another love story that took place a generation earlier. It is the lost story of Squall's father and Rinoa's mother, who fell in love as young adults.

Laguna Loire was a Galbadian soldier who enjoyed going to Galbadia Hotel in Deling City for some drinks with his friends, Kiros and Ward, after a long day of missions. But the real reason he stopped by so often was to see the beautiful woman of his dreams, Julia Heartilly, playing the piano at the hotel bar.

One particular night, his friends encourage him to talk to Julia, but Laguna gets so nervous that he ends up making a fool of himself.

Ward: "So, Laguna... Julia should be making her appearance soon. You goin' for it tonight?"

Kiros: "Yeah, go for it!"

Laguna: "What-ever, man! Can't you see she's working?"

Kiros: "Don't go back on your word. C'mon, go wave to her."

Laguna: "Give me a break..."

Ward: "So you say, but we know you'll do it."

Laguna: *approaches Julia at the piano* (Ah... To be this close to Julia... Uh-oh... My leg's cramping up...! Argh...) *he gives her a weak wave and limps back to his table*

Kiros: "Good work, Laguna."

Ward: "Mission succesful! I didn't think you'd actually do it. Our popularity rating's gone up a point."

Kiros: "Yeah, but you cut a pretty pitiful figure up there. I'd say you're about a -3 on the manliness scale."

Julia decides to approach Laguna herself on this night, and Kiros and Ward dutifully excuse themselves from the table so that the two can be alone.

Julia: "May I?"

Laguna: "Aaaaa..." *limps over to make room for her*

Julia: "Did I interrupt anything?"

Laguna: "N-N-N-Not at all. P-Please, s-sit down." (Oh man, oh man, it's really HER! What do I do!? Kiros? Ward? HELP! What do I say!? But man, she is pretty...)

Julia: "You ok now?"

Laguna: "Kind of..."

Julia: "How's your leg?"

Laguna: "L-Leg? Oh, this!? Y-Yeah, it's fine. Happens all the time when I get nervous. (cough)"

Julia: "Were you nervous?"

Laguna: "Oh, yeah. I'm still kinda..."

Julia: "You can relax. You don't have to get nervous around me."

Julia then invites Laguna up to her hotel room, where they would be able to talk more freely, since everyone around them were listening in. Laguna is on cloud nine and happily accepts her offer.

Laguna: (Am I dreaming? No, this can't be a dream! Julia...? Wants to talk to me...? And just the two of us! Get it together Laguna... I always screw up by talking about myself too much. It's always been like that. But not tonight! I'm all ears for Julia! Ahh, time to use my manly charm, and help Julia with her problem.)

Laguna meets Julia in her room, and he is acting very nervous, as expected.

Laguna: "It's just that I'm a big fan of yours, so I'm really kinda nervous, y'know?"

Julia: "So that's why you come to hear me play so often."

Laguna: "You... You saw me?"

Julia: "You were always smiling while listening, right? You have beautiful eyes. Though they look a bit scared now. Don't worry, I'm not going to pluck 'em and eat 'em. I just want to talk, gazing into those eyes. Would you like a drink? Wine perhaps?"

Laguna: "I must be dreamin'..."

Laguna slowly loosens up and opens up to Julia, and they end up having a pleasant conversation about their ambitions and dreams for the future.

Laguna: "I want to quit the army and become a journalist! So I can tell people 'bout all the things I've seen on my travels. So, like, the other day, one of my articles made the reader's column. Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, that was way cool..."

Julia: "I'm happy for you."

Laguna: "Yikes...I'm talkin' too much again. Tell me about yourself. Like... your dreams for the future."

Julia: "I...I want to sing. Not just play the piano, but sing, too."

Laguna: "Oh, I'd really love to hear it."

Julia: "But I can't. I'm no good at writing lyrics..."

Laguna: "Hmm... That must be tough."

Julia: "But, thanks to you, I think I can come up with something."

Laguna: "Thanks to me...?"

Julia: "Yes... The many faces you've shown me. Times when you were hurt, worried... Or felt pain deep inside you... Your smile, your face, your eyes... You've shown me something... I think I can come up with a song."

Laguna: "Wow... I must be dreamin'..."

Julia: *takes his hand* "It's not a dream, is it?"

Just then, Kiros knocks on the door, telling Laguna that they have new orders and need to leave immediately. Just before Laguna leaves, they promise to meet again.

Julia: "Can we meet again?"

Laguna: "Of course! I have to come hear you sing!"

Unfortunately, Laguna never returned. As time goes by, they both move on with their lives.

A heartbroken Julia eventually marries General Fury Caraway, who encouraged her to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer. Her first song, Eyes on Me, is a love song about Laguna, and was a huge hit in Galbadia. They have a daughter named Rinoa and lived happily as a family, until Julia tragically dies in a car accident five years later.

Meanwhile, Laguna ends up in Winhill with serious injuries and is nursed back to health by Raine, and they eventually get married. When her adopted daughter, Ellone, is kidnapped by Sorceress Adel's forces, Laguna succeeds in overthrowing Adel and saving Ellone. He sends Ellone back to Winhill, where she stays with Raine as she gives birth to a baby boy, whom she names Squall. Tragically, Raine dies from complications from childbirth, and the two children are sent to an orphanage. Laguna did not know about the existence of his son until years later, when he was reunited with Ellone.

The lost love of Laguna and Julia lives on through their children, whose love for each other becomes the central theme of the game.

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