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The Griever

The Griever is the name Squall gives to the lion bared on his favorite ring, necklace, and weapon. Lions are known for their great strength and pride - qualities which Squall admires.

Rinoa wants a ring just like his because she thinks it looks cool, but it's obvious she just wants something that Squall has. She manages to get Zell to borrow it from Squall, and she ends up holding onto it. When Squall finds out she has it, he gets a bit angered, but eventually, as their relationship grows, he lets her keep it.

Since the ring is too big on her, Rinoa wears it on her necklace along with her mother's ring, keeping it close to her heart. The ring is a physical symbol of love from Squall, and she holds on to the ring whenever she is thinking of him.

Here, Rinoa is asking Zell about Squall's ring.

Zell: "Squall's ring? I dunno where he bought it."

Rinoa: "I want the same one. It looks really cool, doesn't it?"

Zell: "You mean the one with some monster carved into it?"

Rinoa: "YEAH!"

Zell: "Alright, how 'bout I make you one? I'm pretty good at that kinda stuff."

Rinoa: "Really!? Sure, OK!!!"

Zell: "Let's have Squall show us the real thing."

Rinoa: "... We can't do that."

Zell: "Why not?"

Rinoa: "... It's embarrassing."

Zell: "Say what? Oh..."

Rinoa: "No! It's not what you think!"

Zell manages to get the ring from Squall, who seemed a bit hesitant to lend it.

Zell: "Give me your ring, will ya? I just wanna borrow it for a while. I won't lose it or anything. C'mon, what do you say?"

Squall: (What the hell... I like this ring... I... guess it's all right if he just wants to borrow it...) "Don't lose it."

Zell: "YEAH! THANKS MAN! I didn't think you were gonna give it to me. Rinoa is gonna be so happy!"

Squall: "Rinoa?"

As the battle between the Gardens begin, Zell sees Rinoa and lets her hold onto the ring, telling her that he'll make a copy of it for her. Rinoa is later knocked off the cliff and is hanging on for dear life. Squall saves her and Rinoa mentions that she couldn't die just yet.

Rinoa: "You know something, I couldn't afford to fall off that cliff and die. I have something very important that belongs to you. I can't die until I give it back to you, right? Zell gave it to me, see? I've been holding onto it."

Squall: (I'm gonna kill him...) "That's my favorite ring. You'd better give it back."

Rinoa: "I'm sure it is. It's a cool-looking ring. What's this monster on it anyway?"

Squall: "It's not a monster. It's a lion. Lions are known for their great strength and pride."

Rinoa: "Hmm... great strength... pride... Kinda like you, Squall."

Squall: "I wish..."

Rinoa: "Hmm... so this L I O N of yours. Does it have a name?"

Squall: "Of course. Griever."

Rinoa: "So that's what you call it. You know Zell said he'll make me one exactly like it. Who knows, maybe I can become like a lion, too. That'd be crazy, huh!? I mean, everyone might, y'know, get the wrong idea about us."

Squall: (If it's so crazy, why do you sound so delighted? Everyone is trying to get us together. It's so obvious even I can tell.) "You sound like you want everyone to get the wrong idea."

Rinoa: "No-no-no-no-no!"

Much later, as Rinoa is preparing to go to the Sorceress Memorial, she remembers she still has Squall's ring.

Squall: "Rinoa! Don't go!"

Rinoa: "...... Thanks, Squall. But I have to go..."

Squall: (...... Rinoa.)

Rinoa: "...... Oh... I still have your ring."

Squall: "You keep it."

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