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The Mission

The morning after the SeeD dance, Squall, Zell, and Selphie receive their first mission - to go to Timber and support a resistance faction. They reach the Forest Owls base where they meet Zone, the leader of the faction, Watts, and their princess. The princess turns out to be the very girl he danced with the night before!

Rinoa: "Hey...You're...! You know, from the party... So... does that mean... You're a SeeD!?"

Squall: "I'm Squall, the squad leader. There's 2 others with me."

Rinoa: *runs over to hug him* "YEEESSSS! SeeD is here!"

Squall: "Take it easy."

Rinoa: "It's just that, I'm so happy! I've been sending requests to Garden forever, but nothing... I'm so glad I spoke to Cid directly!"

Squall: "Oh... So you were looking for the headmaster at the party?"

Rinoa: "You know Seifer?"

Squall: "...Yeah."

Rinoa: "Well, he's the one who introduced me to Cid. Cid is such a nice man. I really didn't think SeeD would come out to help a measly little group like us. But after explaining our situation to him, Cid gave the go ahead right away! Now that you guys are here, we'll be able to carry out all kinds of plans!"

Their mission to kidnap Vinzer Deling, President of Galbadia, failed because the president they caught turned out to be a dummy. But the contract with the Garden stated that the SeeD deployment contract will last "until Timber achieves independence" so Squall and gang had no choice but to stick with them longer.

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