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Squall Leonhart

Squall is the complex, antisocial hero of the game, pushed into the role of leadership. His personality - or lack of - clashes with conventional views of what a hero should be like, but Squall does it in his own way. He lives life without questioning the why's - what has to be done, is done, and pushes away those who try to get close to him. People may perceive him as a jerk, but he just doesn't want to go through the pain of losing someone and being alone again, so he builds up this wall around him to protect himself.

As the game progresses and his relationship with Rinoa grows, he begins to change - he lets others know what's on his mind instead of keeping it in, and he learns to trust others. He begins to realize just how much he needs Rinoa in his life, not just because she filled the empty void in his heart, but also because she gave new meaning to his life. Suddenly, the world doesn't seem so bleak and horrible anymore, and he can finally smile again.

The Lion

Constant references are made between Squall and lions. Lions are silent and deadly, known for their great strength and pride, and Squall strives for those qualities in himself.

  • His favorite ring, the Griever, has a lion carved into it.
  • Squall's ultimate limit break is the Lion Heart.
  • His name Leonhart is similar to lion heart.
  • His theme song is entitled Maybe I'm a Lion.

Growing Up

Laguna Raine Ellone Squall

It is never actually stated in the game, but there are enough hints to conclude that Squall's parents are Laguna and Raine. Because of the GF effect, Squall doesn't remember much about his childhood - just that it was painful for him.

He grew up at the orphanage along with Zell, Quistis, Selphie, Irvine, Seifer, and Ellone under the care of Matron (Edea) and Cid. Everyone called Ellone Sis, but Squall was especially attached to her, and got jealous whenever she spent more time with the others. She was his security and happiness, and when she left the orphanage, Squall was devastated and once again all alone.

Young Squall: "... Sis... I'm... all alone. But I'm doing my best... I'll be okay without you, Sis. I'll be able to take care of myself."

He never wanted to feel that kind of pain again, so he isolates himself off to the rest of the world where no one could get through to him. It's his way of protecting himself.

Squall: (Think what you want. Reality isn't so kind. Everything doesn't work out the way you want it to. Thats why...) "As long as you don't get your hopes up, you can take anything... You feel less pain."

Squall: (Am I that untrusting...? Maybe I'm this way because I'm scared. Nothing lasts in this world. It feels great to have friends who believe in you, and adults you can rely on. That's why it's so dangerous, especially if you become used to it. Someday you're bound to lose everything. Everybody around you will be gone. Then what are you left with? Nothing. Nobody... It's so miserable. And it's inevitable. It's so hard to recover from something like that. I never ever want to deal with that again. I can't even if it means being alone... for the rest of my life.)

SeeD Life

At a young age, with nothing else to do with his life, he enters Balamb Garden and trains hard to become a part of the elite mercenary force, SeeD. He is an exceptionally gifted student, disciplined and intelligent, and is one of only two gunblade specialists at the Garden. He's afraid of the uncertainty in his future, so the Garden becomes his life, a place where he can call home.

Squall: (I don't mind fighting the sorceress. It's unavoidable as long as I'm a SeeD member. What? AS long as I'm a SeeD member? What if I quit? Quit... Then what? What do I have left? Don't even want to think about it. Just stop thinking...)

Not one to act on impulse, his words and actions are carefully calculated. Its his ability to think logically under pressure that makes him the natural choice for leader, although he didn't like the fact that the position was forced upon him, but he takes everything in stride and deals with it.

Seifer is his sworn rival from childhood, and the only other gunblade specialist. Seifer loves to provoke Squall, and not one to back down, they have their many battles and even gave each other the matching scars on their face. As equal rivals, they are constantly pushing each other to their limits and they hold a somewhat cool respect for the other.

It is at the SeeD graduation dance that he meets Rinoa for the first time, and they share an unforgettable dance before she mysteriously walks out on him. But as fate would have it, his first SeeD mission was to provide support for a resistance faction in which Rinoa was a part of, and the rest is history.

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