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FFVIII Boy & Girl Their Story Quotes
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NameSquall Leonhart
BirthdateAugust 23
Height173 cm (5' 8")
Blood typeAB
OccupationSeeD cadet
Limit BreakRenzokuken

The main character of this story, Squall is the taciturn and reluctant hero. He is a cadet of the special combat unit SeeD from the Balamb Garden Military Academy. Judging from his anti-social behavior, he appears to be selfish and lacking a sense of team unity. An aloof character that dislikes having others involved in his affairs, Squall is best described as a lone wolf. » MORE INDEPTH?

NameRinoa Heartilly
BirthdateMarch 3
Height163 cm (5' 3 ½")
OccupationForest Owls member
WeaponBlaster Edge
Limit BreakCombine, Angel Wing

A spirited young woman with the ability to touch people's hearts. Open and honest with her feelings, Rinoa has a tendency to speak her mind without concealing anything. Driven by her ambition, she can be stubborn at times. » MORE INDEPTH?