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This FFVIII: Squall & Rinoa fanlisting/tribute has been online since October 12, 2004.

I want to thank RomoSSJ5, the owner of the previous Squall & Rinoa fanlisting, for graciously giving me his members list to add on to this fanlisting ♥

It is entitled Shooting Star, which symbolizes a fateful encounter ☆ It plays a huge role in their relationship - they first meet at the SeeD dance after they both notice a shooting star in the sky. It leads to Rinoa dragging Squall out to the dance floor and enjoying a memorable first dance ♥

Version 2 features one of my favorite images of these two together ♥ I adore how Squall is looking at Rinoa so protectively, as she rests against his shoulder. The words on the layout come from the promise they make at the flower field.


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